Dance Dance Resolution

Dance Dance Resolution

Michael reboots and reboots and reboots the experiment, each time tweaking it to learn about what went wrong the previous times, and Eleanor always seems to find out that they are in the bad place. Michael knows he hits an all time low when something a little different ends one of those reboots. But the problem for Eleanor, and by association Chidi, Tahani and Jason, is that they always lose their memory of what happened on every reboot, meaning that they can't learn from any of the previous trials. Eleanor may finally learn a way to keep some of those memories, with the help of someone she occasionally encounters. Meanwhile, Michael has kept from Shawn that they are no longer on experiment #2, Shawn finding out the truth which would be the end of Michael. In addition, Michael faces strikes and threats of blackmail by those in the know. Frustrated, Michael turns to someone just for an ear, but walks away with an idea to get out of his mess. Written by Huggo

All Episodes - S2

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