Edie's Wedding

Edie's Wedding

In a moment of gallantry, Archer offers to accompany tearful Pam to Wisconsin. Her sister, Edie, is marrying an eligible local dairyman and Pam, a bridesmaid, needs a date. Pam is upset her sister named Midge Olerud her maid of honor. Pam tells Archer about old humiliations wreaked upon her by sister, Edie and Midge Olerud. Meanwhile, Cyborg Barry, is en route to New York to kill Archer. Barry spots Archer and Pam at the airport and follows them to the old motor court in Wisconsin. Archer has pitchers of cocktails as Pam dresses for the rehearsal dinner. Barry freezes in the parking lot as he watches the door to their motel room. Complications arise when Archer opens the door and greets a loud mouthed visitor with a familiar face. Written by LA-Lawyer

All Episodes - S6

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