After the space crash, Ray is paralyzed. For Fourth of Juluau, Ray was confined to his wheelchair. Now, Ray cannot go with Archer, Lana and Cyril to Rome on the Morelli caper. As Malory and Ron Cadillac prepare to leave on a cruise, the trio goes to the armory to get their gear for Rome. Krieger offers Ray a pair of bionic legs. Ray freaks out and a battle of science v. religion ensues. Krieger drugs coffee and Pam readies to assist (while slamming 40 oz. brews). Carol/Cheryl obtains medical supplies from Rodney and spills the news about Krieger making Ray into a stupid cyborg. It is Archer's turn to freak. He hits the armory with his rocket launcher; Lana runs toward the explosion. Archer cannot reach Ray in time to save the human race from the rise of the machines, so he crawls into the ceiling duct work. There are several enlightening flashbacks. And Lana really turns up the heat. Will the Micromanager ever learn not to obsess? Can Lana make it hot enough to extract Archer? And, ... Written by LA-Lawyer

All Episodes - S4

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