Sea Tunt: Part 1

Sea Tunt: Part 1

Malory's new hobby is collecting payloads of B-52 bombers: Mark-28 hydrogen bombs. She wants ISIS to recover an H-bomb and then give it to the U.S. government, in exchange for a huge reward...or ransom. ISIS must obtain a deep submergence vehicle, or DSV. to obtain an H-bomb. With 2 DSVs in existence and the Russians having one of them, it is a problem. Malory wants to beat the Russians, so when Cheryl announces her stupid gross brother, Cecil owns the other DSV, things start to look up. Archer loves that Cecil owns an island, undersea lab and a choppersaurus, with wet bar and buffet. Cecil seems to be generous with his toys and without strings, or does Cecil and his Vegan girlfriend, Tiffy have ulterior motives? One hoax later, the ISIS crew learns of the sinister mission in store for them. Those crazy Tunts! Why does Cecil insist on non-diegetic music? Will Archer ever define wildly liberal use of the bar? Grab an Epi-pen and get your jumbo scrimps on! There's more to this ... Written by LA-Lawyer

All Episodes - S4

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