Movie Star

Movie Star

Oscar winning actress, Rona Thorne, is taking on the CIA and the KGB in Deitrich Viener's new movie thriller, Disavowed! Since Rona wants her performance to be amazing, Rona wants to train not only with ISIS, but with Lana Kane. Rona says she is SO inspired by Lana, the epitome of an empowered woman! Lana hesitates about sharing highly classified covert ops with anyone outside the agency, but when Archer offers his services, Lana immediately agrees to work with Rona. Meanwhile, Malory takes advantage of the access to Rona's Hollywood agent and Cyril; this results in a taut, sexy thriller-sequel to Mandingo. Pam borrows something from Rona and tells Cheryl and Ray. It is an Operation Dick Sledge, flashback at Rona's apartment; Steele and Cassius find their own Pinch Two and experience jungle fever at ISIS. Surprisingly, absolutely no one but Archer and the computer nerds seem to be paying attention to current events; Archer is the only one who is not totally starstruck. Will it ... Written by LA-Lawyer

All Episodes - S2

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