Job Offer

Job Offer

On mission in Paris, Archer's situational awareness and amazing driving skills are enough to locate enemy agent Kasparov. The constant bickering between the ISIS Bendersons figuratively invites Barry Dylan to claim the capture and the bounty for ODIN. He tosses a business card to Lana; Archer grabs it and goes to work in Paris, bonding with mudak Len Trexler. Lana packs for her own Paris ODIN interview. An absinthe-sodden Malory plays with matches as clingy Cyril tags along with Lana. Barry finds Archer deep in HR matters and is happy when Trexler orders some housecleaning. Archer reeks; Lana makes decisions about jobs, Paris, black flags, curtsying and Archer. He and Lana find Cyril deep in the previous HR matter. (Allo!) Would flensed, flaming Woodhouse PJs be comfy? Always the sport, Archer offers Lana the chance for revenge HR. Lana goes ahead and pouts. Written by LA-Lawyer

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