Killing Utne

Killing Utne

If Malory invites the ISIS drones to her home, there must be a catch. She wants the U.N. contract from stuffy Torvald Utne, so she throws a dinner party. Everyone shows up with a date but Archer-- even the sensual Carina, squired by dashing Woodhouse. (Archer's hoors pilfer her prescription meds and are not allowed.) The lively ISIS crew repels staid, formal Utne. Luckily, Archer hits the ATM and returns with a bag of blonde eye candy who satisfies Utne's urges. With two Huns in the kitchen, Archer needs baby aspirin, ends up talking to Tiny Man, and wonders if Malory switched aspirin for LSD again. Sudden death turns into a team-building exercise. If Longpig is the alternative, the remaining guests are happy to give up dinner and help a neighbor. It is win-lose-lose: especially for Trudy Beekman! Written by LA-Lawyer

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